The basics of FibrainDATA structured cabling

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Enroll in the e-learning course and take the first step to become Certified Fibrain Installer! During the training, participants acquire the knowledge of the norms, guidelines, installation method, and available system components. The e-training is an introduction to practical classes, which will provide hands-on experience of componentry assembly. The aim of the whole training is to share the knowledge necessary to achieve the status of Certified Installer in the future. Cele i korzyści:
After completing this course you will have knowledge required for the design and supervision of structured cabling installations, including: the main directions to the development of FibrainData product range, the norms and guidelines related to structured cabling, measurement methods, FibrainData structured cabling, structured networks certification procedure and the role of a certified installer. The e-training prepares learners to participate in practical classes.
Grupa Docelowa:
The e-training The basics of FibrainDATA structured cabling is intended for companies dealing with the installation and operation of structured cabling systems, and also using Fibrain solutions.